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The Mystery of Ciara's "He Reads," Explained

One of my favorite things that has happened all year in music occurs during Ciara's "Body Party" video. Her gyrations are interrupted for an extremely stilted (even in the highly stilted medium of music-video acting) scene in which she and her real-life boyfriend Future meet and exchange awkwardly flirtatious dialogue. "You know you gonna be mine, right?" he asks her. They mutter weirdly and look at each other stiffly for a few seconds before Future tells her that he'll see her inside of the party they've just both stepped away from. When he's out of frame, Ciara gives her head a little shake, emits a wee, "Whoo," sticks up her finger and chirps, "He reads!" This both makes no sense and evokes drag queens. That is why I love it.


MuuMuse interviewed Ciara and asked her what the fuck she is talking about in more polite terms. Here is their exchange — Ciara still seems in highly unnatural video-acting mode:

I have to ask though: When you say “He reads,” what does that mean exactly?
(Laughs) I mean like, he reads! Like, that works. Like, that’s it. In that case, when I said “he reads”, it was just like…he reads! Like, he’s cute, he’s it, and he’s everything. It’s like that first reaction of when you meet somebody and he really like…he reads. Like…yes.


Translation: "He reads" means absolutely nothing. That it is confirmed nonsense only makes me love it more.

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