Here's Riff Raff Impersonating James Franco on One Life to Live

The hardest working assclown in showbiz, rapper Riff Raff, appears on today's episode of the soap opera One Life to Live (now brought to you by Hulu) as a “art dealer, multimillionaire” named Jamie Franko. It is a predictably unsubtle jab at James Franco, whose Spring Breakers character Alien was clearly inspired by… »5/07/13 1:27pm5/07/13 1:27pm

Watch the "Mutiny" on Rihanna's Plane of Journalists and Fans

Remember that thing that happened in November, when Rihanna's people pooled together journalists and contest-winning fans on a Boeing 777 for a seven-day, seven-country, seven-concert mini-tour? And then Rihanna ditched out and everyone was pissed and hungry and had to piss? Very little of that was rehashed in Fox's… »5/07/13 10:09am5/07/13 10:09am

Look At These Fucking Political/Conceptual/Imaginational Dancers

Everyone's favorite privilege-acknowledging electro Swedes the Knife kicked off their tour in support of their Shaking the Habitual album this weekend in Bremen, Germany. The show opened with what the band called an "Absurdist Aerobics class taught by a master-teacher-guru-shaman-dictator-aerobics instructor-new age… »4/29/13 1:35pm4/29/13 1:35pm